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How do we create the magic? More Than Digital has a long experience in making high value connections, we will help you to solve your pain points. More Than Digital has developed its own methodology to implement innovation improving your digital plateforms, understanding and better serve your clients, target new prospects, and monetize your audience


Understand the concept / Define the Objective

We start this journey by spending time with you and work on understanding your precise needs, challenges and other pain points your organization is experiencing.


Identify the right people to meet and the activites for the innovation trip

Based on our large local network and knowledge of the ecosystem, we select those companies, experts, inspiring leaders who are relevant and gather that in a tentative agenda that we share with you.


We work on the KPI and success factors

Your’re going to meet great startups and inspiring leaders in Israel. Perfect. But how does that impact your life / Business after the Innovation trip? We build tools so that you get the most value of your trip and are ready to evangelize those around you.


Onsite, we take care of everything!

More Than Digital is also in charge, in Israel, of all the logistic part. We book everything for you: from the take off to Tel Aviv until your flight back.


After the trip, follow up and implementations

We not only help you keep the contact with the startups but also help you manage the digital disruption project plan to make sure that everything you have seen or experienced has a concrete translation into your new work life: proof of concepts, pilots, implementation, partnerships, investments,…


About Us

Based on the israeli ecosystem of innovation, More Than Digital structures your innovation process and helps you in identifying new opportunities for technological development.

More Than Digital understand your needs, your problematics, and helps you to succeed on your digital transformation.

Startups knowledge

Israeli ecosystem familiarity

Scouting capabilities


Few startups we are working with…

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